Appointments can be cancelled without charge up to 48 hours prior to your service booked.

All cancellations within 24 hours will incur a charge of 50% of the service booked (very often we manage to book someone else in your place and no charges apply then)


Cancellations made on the day of your appointment or any no shows will be charged full price for the service booked.

We reserve the right to shorten your treatment if you arrive late, however the original treatment cost will still apply.

Before the massage treatment, please:



  • Contact us, if you have any questions prior your treatment 

  • Relax your mind - all the information given is confidential

  • Inform of any allergies or health conditions, when booking your treatment

  • Inform if you are pregnant or trying to conceive

  • Arrive on time 

  • Wear dark, comfortable clothing to avoid any oil stains

  • Clip your hair up, if medium to long hair

  • Remove any jewellery

  • Eat a light meal so your blood sugar levels don't drop too much

  • Be happy - you are going for a massage! 



  • Eat heavy meals - at least 2 hours before the massage treatment

  • Drink any alcohol on the day of your massage

  • Take any painkillers - at least 4-6 hours before the massage treatment

  • Use any body fragrance, it may interfere with essential oils  

  • Use any body lotions, it could prevent massage oils being absorbed by the skin

  • Worry about unshaved legs ladies! It won't affect the treatment in any way!

During the massage treatment, please:



  • Answer all the consultation questions honestly, it will help to plan a unique treatment that suits your individual needs

  • Inform your practitioner of any medications you have taken within 24hours

  • Undress to your own comfort but keep in mind that your modesty will be protected at all the time by covering your body parts with towels and sheets 

  • Give feedback- of the pressure

                             of the room temperature

                             - of any discomfort

                             - of the music volume

                             - of needing a break - to go toilet, have some water etc

  • Breath slowly and deeply, it helps you to relax and decreases the discomfort that may appear, when the affected, sore muscles are treated

  • Do what makes you relaxed and happy

      - drift off or relax in silence

      - talk, ask questions and interact with the therapist 

  • Take your time when getting off the massage table, you may feel light headed



  • Think about any matters - this is your time to relax and enjoy the experience 

  • Worry if you are ticklish - the massage practitioner will adopt the pressure to your comfort

After the massage treatment, please:



  • Recommend Darwen Massage Therapy to your family and friends

  • Follow the aftercare advice given by the therapist - some stretching or relaxation techniques, postural improvement, nutritional changes, a referral to a different specialist etc

  • Remember - massage is a form of passive exercise so avoid any major physical activities, unless received pre-event sports massage

  • Drink more water or herbal tea to enhance the elimination of metabolic and cellular waste

  • Drink less or no alcohol and caffeine based drinks to avoid unnecessary dehydration that may cause headache, lack of energy 

  • Keep warm

  • Relax, have a bath or a sleep - your body may need to rest, just like it would after a major physical exercise

  • Keep in mind - prevention is better than the cure, if you have a tendency to musculoskeletal problems, related to your occupation or sport, then consider having regular massage treatments 

  • Enjoy the endorphin rush and the feeling of relaxation and regeneration after the massage!



  • Worry if you experience some changes in your physical or emotional well-being - for instance frequent visits to toilet, increased thirst, feeling of tiredness or over stimulation, headache, cold like symptoms - it is absolutely normal and natural and is seen as a positive result of the treatment. It is more likely to happen if you receive massage treatments on rare occasions and will settle within a few to 48 hours.