Research Confirms: Massage Therapy is Effective for Headaches and Migraine

National Migraine Centre states that a systematic review of randomised clinical trials on manual therapies for migraine revealed massage therapy might be as effective as certain medications in the prophylatic management of migraine.

According to NHS certain medications for headaches can cause a wide variety of side effects, like nausea, dizziness, indigestion, stomach pains, bloating and many, many more. Massage doesn't cause any major side effects! It’s thought that massage works by relaxing tight muscles that can trigger headaches and also by reducing sensations of pain and stress.

A pilot study that assessed the effect of massage therapy, with a focus on myofascial trigger points, on psychological measures associated with tension-type headache over six weeks, revealed a significant reduction of affective distress (Journal of Headache and Pain 12(2):127-133).

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